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Our project work can be grouped into four broad areas, with some projects falling into more than one area:

Design and Development of Forecasting Models

Since the late 1990s, our modelling work has been concentrated on the development and use of the DELTA package. Work on the design of DELTA started in early 1995; that original design has proved remarkably robust, but the detail of the package has been greatly refined and extended. Read more about the major models that have been built using the DELTA package - most, but not all, linked to strategic transport models so as to create land-use/transport interaction models.

Application of Forecasting Models

Forecasting and appraising the consequences of different policy interventions is the ultimate purpose of most of the model development work which we carry out. In the last few years, we have made extensive use of the various DELTA models which we operate on behalf of clients to examine the impacts of a wide variety of land-use and transport proposals.

Research and Innovation Projects

We have carried out or contributed to a variety of projects to deliver research results for clients and for innovation in our modelling and appraisal work. Click here for details.

Reviews and Other Projects

We have been involved in a range of projects to review modelling and appraisal methods developed by others, to provide guidance on their use, and on other topics around our core activities. Click here for details of these other projects.

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