David Simmonds Consultancy Ltd (DSC) is a small consultancy specialising in land-use/economic modelling, particularly in the form of land-use/transport interaction (LUTI) modelling. Over the past 20 years the firm has developed the DELTA package, which is the most widely used LUTI modelling software in the UK;  the development, application and support of DELTA applications is the core of the firm’s activity. The end use of our modelling is mostly to forecast and appraise the impacts of land-use and transport planning proposals;  those we are working on at the moment range from modest planning and regeneration proposals up to the largest transport schemes.

We are not currently recruiting but are always interested to hear from people with appropriate qualifications and skills. Relevant backgrounds include:

  • demographics

  • economics (especially regional/urban economics, local economic forecasting)

  • housing/property market analysis/forecasting

  • retail studies

  • sociology

  • transport demand analysis

  • urban/regional geography


Ideally combined with skills such as:

  • statistics

  • operational research methods

  • mathematical modelling.


We are particularly keen to hear from potential team members who already have some experience in one or more of these or any comparable areas. If you are not sure whether your experience and skills are relevant, please get in touch - we are always happy to discuss.

Applications and Information

DSC's equal opportunities policy applies to all vacancies.

To discuss the vacancies and career prospects at DSC, please contact Emma Revill at emma.revill@davidsimmonds.com. To apply, please send CV and letter to Mrs Revill either by e-mail or by post to 112 George Street, EH2 4LH, Edinburgh, Scotland.

We do not accept applications made via agencies.

112 George Street, 

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David Simmonds Consultancy Limited is registered in England and Wales, company registration 04860878. The registered office is 10 Jesus Lane, Cambridge CB5 8BA

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