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David Simmonds Consultancy Ltd was set up in 1990 and has carried out a wide variety of studies for public and private clients in the UK and abroad. These studies have ranged from brief reviews of particular subjects to major projects in forecasting and impact assessment. Many have been carried out in collaboration with other leading firms in transport, planning, economics and property consultancy.

One of our specialities is forecasting the impacts of transport on regional economies and on urban activities and development. In this we can consider the effects of public and private transport, passengers and goods, and changes in services and pricing as well as changes in infrastructure. We are also very much involved in forecasting the impacts of planning policies, that is, how plans for the physical development or redevelopment of an area will translate into numbers of households of different kinds, numbers of jobs, and so on, taking account of the impact that new developments will have on the occupancy of the existing stock. Much of our work is carried out using formal land-use models and land-use/transport interaction models. We are also increasingly involved in appraisal; that is, not just forecasting what will happen, but also analyzing who will be affected by the benefits and disbenefits involved.


October 2020: Andy Dobson retired from working for DSC at the end of September. All his recent and former colleagues join in wishing him a long and happy retirement.

Green Book:  The 2020 edition of the Treasury Green Book sets out new requirements for “place-based analysis” as part of the appraisal of proposals for UK government investment and other interventions. It specifies that place-based analysis is required – if such analysis is proportionate to the proposal, and unless it can be shown that there is no need to do it - for proposals that are national in objective but are expected to have localised effects, and proposals that are targeted on particular localities or types of locality.


We have long argued that the spatial distribution of benefits from government actions is important. (We have been making this point from our very first project, which looked at the expected effects of the East London Line Extension – now part of the London Overground – on residents of the deprived areas it would serve.)  We therefore welcome the changes to the Green Book and look forward to following them through in practice.

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David Simmonds Consultancy Limited is registered in England and Wales, company registration 04860878. The registered office is 10 Jesus Lane, Cambridge CB5 8BA

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